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We love Adventure Travel and are the experts when it comes to a bit of excitement!

Venice is one of our most favorite destinations in Italy and we highly recommend seeing the city from the comfort of your own guided gondola.  The narrow canals, bright colours, the architecture, it’s all just absolutely beautiful.  If you after a bit more adventure, you could consider one of many amazing Wildlife Safari’s in Africa.  The Masai Mara in Kenya was one of our personal favourites as was camping out under the stars in the Okavango Delta.  Nothings seems more exciting that seeing a herd of elephants walking within meters of your tent.  Some other ideas include Dune Safaris in Dubai, Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia, Theme Parks in Australia or you can never be disappointed by Disneyland in LA/Paris/Tokyo.  No matter what type of adventure you are looking for we have access of many great adventure packages through our wholesalers who have years of experience to ensure we deliver you the best experience possible.