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Confined Space Training

In November 2016, SPCA Inspector Gina Kemp set off to Australia to study confined space entry with Queensland Fire & Emergency Services at their specialist training complex at White Island, Brisbane.

As part of her role at Wellington SPCA, she is the Officer in Charge of Technical Rescue and the National Rescue Unit that can be deployed to complex animal rescues involving flooding events through to injured animals that have crawled under houses.

50% of technical rescues carried out by the National Rescue Unit in the last year have been to confined space environments which have numerous hazards from irrespirable atmospheres to electrocution. The NRU has specialist equipment such as gas detection kits and AC current (electrical hazards) detection wands as well as tripods, specialist ropes, intrinsically safe radios and retrieval systems.

With flights sponsored by Travel Prefab and family and friends hosting Gina, this critical safety training has been made available to ensure we are following best practice and we keep our staff and volunteers safe. Gina is also developing health and safety guides for the SPCA National Office on a range of initial responses including confined space, water, large animal and at height incidents.

While in Queensland, Gina also spent a couple of days with the RSPCA NSW Inspectorate Team as part of trans-Tasman networking and collaboration, given both sides have much to share and offer each other to benefit better services to the animals we serve.

We are truly thankful for the support of small businesses like Travel Prefab for the continued sponsorship.