Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is now such an necessity to every holiday, no matter where you are travelling to.  Taking 5 minutes to complete a insurance form could save you much wanted time and money down the track should you experience any cancellations,  lost baggage,  urgent medical assistance, flight disruptions, natural disasters – the list could go on!  All these things would cost more than the initial policy and we highly recommend all our customers take out appropriate insurance.  I have access to low insurance rates through Allianz, One Cover and Covermore which are all highly recommended travel insurers.



24 hour emergency assistance: Although Travel Prefab is available to all our travelling customers 24/7, there may be a rare occasion when you may not be able to get through.  In this instance your Insurance policy offers a 24/7 access to a team of experts with a global network of doctors, nurses and logistical staff who can assist should something go wrong.

Medical cover: You never know what could happen therefore it’s best to always be prepared.  Your insurance policy will cover for hospital, medical, surgical, nursing, ambulance expenses and emergency dental expenses. Medical cover also assists you to find treatment and if necessary medical evacuation.

Cancellation cover: If you need to cancel your journey as a result of an unforeseen cicumstances, you can cancel or amend, whichever is the lesser of the two.

Additional expenses: Cover for emergency accommodation and transport expenses as a result of certain events including Injury, sickness, disease, natural disasters, strikes and lost travel documents.    

Rental Car insurance excess: If you hire a car and happen to have an accident, cover is included for the Rental Car insurance excess.

Plus so much more ….