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Wellington SPCA

Inspector Exchange Programme

We love animals, therefore Travel Prefab has chosen to sponsor the Wellington SPCA’s Inspector Exchange Programme which provides valuable experience for Animal Welfare Inspectors to work on a short term secondment to RSPCA’s in Australia. Wellington SPCA has been championing animal welfare for over 130 years and is the only animal welfare charity in the Wellington region with the legal authority to investigate animal abuse and neglect; as well as rehome abandoned animals as part of the Royal New Zealand SPCA which is an Approved Organisation under the Animal Welfare Act 1999. Though the Inspectors on exchange have no legal powers, they buddy up with an Australian counter-part and shadow their duties to gain experiences which aids their own professional development and share best practices in the true ANZAC spirit.

Travel Prefab donates funds from our profits to the Wellington SPCA to cover airfares for their Inspectors.  Along with this, the host RSPCA typically provides on-site or host family accommodation (which is reciprocated) making this Trans-Tasman exchange at near no cost, but yet developing stronger relationships across the Tasman and professionalising SPCA Inspector careers. Wellington SPCA Chief Executive Steve Glassey, who is a former SPCA Inspector said “The support from Travel Prefab means we can continue to lead a world class Inspectorate through sharing of ideas and expertise across what is a small but specialised profession. We thank Travel Prefab for their support in making this new venture a possibility”.

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